Important Note This page has been designed to share the pure joy of  Learjets.  It is a PERSONAL web page and does not pretend to be an official Bombardier Aerospace representation.  This page is designed to share some of my personal photos and experiences of 20 years in a Learjet cockpit--12  of which has been with the manufacturer of the Learjet Aircraft.

DemoWorld--Where are they now?

This page was created in 1999.  Now nearly 20 years later, where are the people shown here?  I'll use the original page and add comments to it.

A colleague of mine once described being a "Demonstration Pilot" as a "Lifestyle", not a career.  Anyone who has ever done this job on a full time basis will most likely agree.  This page will show bits and pieces of this lifestyle. 

Update Note: On July 2, 1999, I left Learjet Flight Ops, (after 9+ years in Wichita), for a Captain's position with a new customer. On my departure, my Director informed me I was "no longer a demo pilot". He was wrong. I will ALWAYS be a demo pilot, and will unconsciously and consciously "demonstrate" the Learjet at every opportunity. Being a demo pilot does not require that you are employed by the manufacturer. It is an attitude and a skill. The skills can be learned in time, but the love for the product can never be replaced by simplistic attitudes, and dependence on excessive SOP's. I wish my colleagues all the best in their very difficult tasks ahead.

Learjet's Demonstration Team
March 20, 1999

Back Row L-->R: Dave--Chief Pilot flying a CL30 in Calif.;  Owen--Demo in BDL;   Rod--flying Falcons for Agostino; Gary--Production Test Pilot ICT; Dave--retired ICT; Jerzy--Delta

Front L-->R:  Earl-Retired ICT; Rick--Retired;  Damon--Chief Pilot Fargo Jet Center; Sharon--Assist. CP CitationShares; Susan--Biz owner & Contract Pilot;   Connie-?;   Bill-Senior Capt Demo BDL; Vikki-?; Al--Contract Pilot;   Bill--Dir Ops Nissan MEM; Bob--left Learjet in 2008

Being a demo pilot is not all glamour. 
We do windows!  Ask Jerzy.

No, it's not a Learjet, it's a T-34.  As demo pilots we train for the unexpected by going through an aerobatics course.


Occasionally a fun assignment out of the cockpit. 
Attending an awards ceremony for my former boss, Ed Stimpson--now US Ambassador to ICAO.


Briefing a Learjet 60 customer through an interpreter
BTW, Thanks, Hector!

Bill, (Dir Ops Nissan) getting ready for a departure in the 31a





The "Girls" 




One of our busiest times of the year is when the NBAA (National Business Aviation Association) Convention rolls around.  We usually take all of the demonstration aircraft and most of the flight department to staff the static exhibit at the airport, and the one at the convention center.  In addition to talking about the airplanes, we get to meet some pretty interesting people.

Bob with Moya Lear (deceased)


Susan, with Harry Combs (deceased) and Jim 


With 3 type ratings to keep track of, even the 31a Program Manager pulls out the book!

Dave (Japan airlines) and Bill (BDL) man the mockups in the convention center


Like anyone else, demo pilots have to have some fun.
(Department Christmas Party, 1998)

Our Safety Officer (now in Calif) demonstrating what NOT to do before flying.

The "Barber of Learjet" (center--now COO Jet Aviation, NA) with potential customers
Hey, who let that Cessna guy in here?



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