Important Note This page has been designed to share the pure joy of  Learjets.  It is a PERSONAL web page and does not pretend to be an official Bombardier Aerospace representation.  This page is designed to share some of my personal photos and experiences of 20 years in a Learjet cockpit.


Learjet 55   Learjet 55 I flew in Denver







N1968A, Operated by Aircoa (My employer at the time)  Learjet 55 with Dragchute in Denver



Learjet 31
Learjet 31
Learjet 31 Interior

Occassionally, several airplanes get ready about the same time.  These happened to be for the same customer.  These birds "just happened" to be in the air at the same time with Tucson's Production Flight Test.








Another time I remember this happening was when Learjet had 4 C-21A's (USAF version of the LR35a) in various stages of completion.  This is the post flight photo of the crews for the 4 LR35's and the photo aircraft, LR55-004.
Oh, I was in the 4th/ slot aircraft



















Learjet 31a that now resides in Brazil. 
Is there any doubt about the intended job for this airplane?


Learjet 45 with the Global Express   Lear 45 & Global Express




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