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I am the oldest of four children born to Maxine and Don Anderson.

Most of the pictures below are of large enough resolution that you can right click it and view the picture in full size.

I think I was in about the 9th grade when this Easter picture was taken. Mom was taking the pictures....(and she made the boy's jackets!).
Left Clockwise: Susan, Don (Dad), David, Chris, & Andy

Siblings at my wedding in March 1975
Andy (age 11), David (age19), Susan (age 20), Chris (age 8)
David enlisted in the USAF in April 1975. This is the last photo of him with long hair.






Siblings Christmas 2000 
David,  Chris,  Susan &  Andy


Siblings & Mom 2005:  Chris, Andy, Mom (Maxine), David, Susan




Dad (Don) died of lung cancer in 1981, and Mom has remarried....a couple of times....but I think she's finally "cured" of any need to be married, and is blissfully single.  Mom's recently purchased a new home close to my Sister, Chris and moved in. 

This is Mom dressed for a Mardi Gras Balls in 1987 & 1993.  

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Of course, we all grew up, and everyone--besides me--is married with kids of their own.


The Family at Thanksgiving, 1997




The Family at the Beach May, 2008


Nieces & Nephews

Ashley, Gaaaama, & Michael
Gammy W/ Ashley & Michael
Gammy w/ Michael, Ashley & Katie
Gammy w/ Katie, Drew & Ashley. Where's Michael??

Mom (Maxine) seems to have a full time job keeping up with all the granchildren.  She has 6 Grandchildren but the youngest are all within 4 years of each other in ages.  Four Grandchildren under the age of 5 is a handful for anyone!


Both Sam and Daniel joined the USAF after high school

The Grandchildren in more recent years at Christmas



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My Brother David's Family

My brother David, is 11 months younger than I am.
He married Linda, and they have two boys, Sam & Daniel. Linda was from New York, and David is very Southern. For those of you with any doubts, the "Civil War" was still alive and well for over 20 yrs!!


These early pictures of the boys are from 1997.


In 2007 David became a widower.  It wasn't long before Kim went to the car dealership where David works and they met.  They married before Christmas 2007.  Kim is also a nurse.

David got another son in the bargain, James.

David has a real passion for the woods and hunting. He hunts predominantly with a bow & arrow, and is pretty good at it! (He can cook what he kills too!) You can get his recipes by e-mailing him at ""

                       May 2008
Sam Anderson in USAF uniform with "Grandmother"
Daniel, Grandmother Maxine, David, Sam

Both Sam and Daniel are currently in the USAF. Sam is based in Panama City, FL, and Daniel is touring the world.

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My Brother Andy's Family


My brother Andy Anderson is 9 years younger than I am. We are the most alike in temperment--although I like to think of him as much more stubborn! (something he would most certainly debate....)
We share interests in high tech toys and computers. Andy is married to Kelly, who is truly his match! (Stubborn vs Stubborn....)

Kelly just graduated from Nursing School and passed her Alabama State Boards in the summer of 2008.  Atta Girl, Kelly!! 

Mom will point out that she now has 4 nurses in the family.

Michael & Katie 1997
Michael w/ Cousin Ashley at Wolf Bay May 2008;  Katie Dec. 2007




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Andy and David are in business together. They got together and opened up a car dealership, in Alabama. Our Father and Grandfather had done this many years earlier, but the business had been sold by the time my Brothers were old enough to be interested in it. If you want a great deal on a Chrysler product, you can check out their web site at Anderson Brothers






My Sister Chris' Family

"Baby" sister Chris is 12 yrs younger than I am. So when I was graduating high school, Chris was starting first grade. She was a little confused about our relationship early on......she thought she had 2 "Mothers"! (and she taught me a whole lot about childcare!) Poor Chris! Even though we were 12 years apart, she still inherited some of her big sister's hand-me-downs. Like my clarinet for band, my batons, and my love for medicine. She played the clarinet, but traded the batons for a rifle--even marched in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.  She has a BSN, and today works in an outpatient surgical unit after spending more than a decade as a Labor & Delivery nurse. She tells me that she knew she had "grown up" when she could chat with me in medical terms.

Chris married Lawrence, (whom a very young Sam dubbed "Lowis" because he couldn't say Lawrence), and they have a daughter, Ashley, and son Drew.




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Family Holiday Group Pictures over the years

Some of my favorite pictures thru the years

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